About Us

Welcome to StratumWeb

StratumWeb has been in business for over 14 years and we are committed to providing high quality Internet development services to businesses and non-profit organizations. We specialize in creating easy-to-use dynamic websites that give our clients the ability to update their own content.

Our development team is highly skilled at creating web-based applications, from database driven ecommerce systems, to calendars, to mobile applications. Stratum has worked with clients ranging from small non-profits and businesses to multi-million dollar corporations.

StratumWeb was started in 2000 by Scott Swoboda with a vision of providing small businesses and non profit organizations with powerful and easy to use website content management tools. This vision was born out his experience in the late 1990’s while working with Fortune 1000 clients in downtown Chicago. As an account manager and developer, Scott worked with multiple businesses to develop their internal Intranets. A couple of the clients he worked with included Baxter Health Care and The Chicago Board of Trade.

Development Focus

Working with our clients and Resellers, we continue to create new applications to meet specific client needs. Our years of development experience have given us a wealth of knowledge in online database and application development. This experience covers multiple programming platforms and languages and includes clients ranging from small non profit organizations to multi-billion dollar fortune 100 companies. We also have extensive experience in ecommerce development and online processing.